Creators Wanted at
I Am A Creator: The Collective


Marketing &
Brand Management

This Creator will work directly with the CEO and Chief Financial Officer to promote IAAC as a brand and organize marketing campaigns that promote IAAC services, public events, and membership. CFO will provide budget parameters and CEO will give guidance on branding and marketing messages for our company’s target audience.

This team member supports IAAC’s mission by ensuring those who are exposed to our marketing efforts understand the mission and benefits of I Am A Creator while our target audience is clear on how and why they should get involved, thus increasing awareness of our social media content, events, and projects as well as growing IAAC’s membership.  

The Marketing and Brand Manager will also create partnerships with local businesses who want to collaborate with IAAC on community events, as potential vendors, or as clients for our corporate services. Partnership-based relationships will specifically target resources or benefits we can offer our membership and event participants.

This position requires a passion and high-capacity for networking along with confidence when engaging  community leaders and businesses of various sizes. Previous marketing experience is highly recommended. Skills in art, photography, and/or graphic design preferred. S/He must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, superior judgement and strategic thinking, and display creativity in addition to demonstrating a thorough understanding of IAAC’s mission and purpose.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Work with CEO and relevant team members to determine and execute the look and feel of the IAAC brand;

  • Help build and maintain relationships with local businesses as possible partners, vendors, and event sponsors;

  • Create marketing and advertising campaigns for upcoming themes, events, and projects;

  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns, particularly paid advertising campaigns;

  • Develop and work with team to execute strategies to increase IAAC membership,

  • Develop and and work with team to execute strategies to promote IAAC merchandise sales, and

  • Co-create social media campaigns with Communications and Social Media Manager.

Other details:

  • Non-supervisory position,

  • Reports to CEO on marketing matters and partnerships and CFO for budget.

Digital Strategy & Communications

This Creator must have a strong knowledge and understanding of the public relations, the digital media landscape, and various social media platforms. This team member will work directly with the CEO and will be responsible for Communications and Special Projects. This individual will assist with publishing IAAC content on our existing platforms and managing and growing our online community. S/he may will also be responsible for updating the IAAC website, composing our regular newsletter, drafting emails to Creators on our listservs, and helping to manage our online digital publication.

This team member contributes to the IAAC mission by increasing our social media reach; positively impacting Creators by providing inspiration, advice, and information about opportunities; and advising the public of our activities and upcoming events in order to attract members to our network.

The individual hired for this position will need strong critical thinking skills in order to integrate into our vibrant, passionate, and fast-paced team. It is essential that applicants to this position have excellent communication skills, particularly in writing; demonstrate creativity; and understand the importance of attending to even the smallest details. S/He should be familiar with our online platforms and share our passion for creativity and impacting Creators and Communities of Color.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Develop and iterate regular compelling content through visual design, typography, and imagery for our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

  • Grow and maintain IAAC online community across appropriate platforms;

  • Work with team to develop create video and audio content, particularly capturing content at live events;

  • Work with the Brand Manager and CEO to create social media outreach campaigns that can increase our social media reach and membership;

  • Analyze social media metrics to inform online campaigns and marketing strategies;

  • Work with CFO to find ways to monetize online content where appropriate;

  • Compose newsletters for subscribed Creators;

  • Draft press releases and blogs for IAAC; and

  • Update the IAAC website as needed.

Other details:

  • Non-Supervisory position,

  • Reports to CEO and must clear all content with team in advance of distribution.

Creator User Experience (UX) & Community Relations

This Creator will work directly with the CFO on planning all upcoming IAAC events. This individual works with CEO to shape and improve the user experience that all clients and potential clients have when they interact with IAAC throughout the business cycle to ensure it is of high-quality, memorable, and creative.

S/He will be responsible for community engagement, program development, and understanding trends in Communities of Color that IAAC serves.  This Creator is an integral part of the team and will perform substantive work directly involved in assisting the CFO and CEO in the project management and client relations for the organization.

Previous experience and/or education in business administration, project management, and/or hospitality management is recommended.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Brainstorm program based on regular themes and events that would interest our target audience;

  • Seek locations to host IAAC events and build relationships with potential venues;

  • Responsible for day of logistics for events including set up, check in, and event schedule;

  • Assist senior management with client and community relations by regular check-ins, helping run focus groups, and regularly surveying members and potential members;

  • Responsible for customer service and in-person community relations duties;

  • Works with Social Media manager to create smooth transition between in-person and online communities so IAAC members and clients feel  connected and supported.

Other details:

  • Non-supervisory position,

  • Reports to CFO for budget and some event details and CEO for community relations and client user experience.