Join the IAAC Team


I Am A Creator: The Collective is on a mission to advance creativity as a key part of self-expression, self-care, personal and professional growth, and social transformation for People of Color.

There are many ways to get involved in celebrating our collective creativity. By becoming a member, partner or speaker you can help us create a movement that matters. 

Our Core Values

  • Creating Authentic Connection

  • Learning through Creative Action

  • Creating Experiences with Impact


IAAC Partners 

IAAC is looking for strategic partners.  Partners often serve as speakers and cosponsor our public events based on their area of expertise.

Partners also have the opportunity to offer their products and services to members of the IAAC Community.


IAAC Members 

IAAC is built around the belief that everyone is valuable and every creative contribution matters to our community.

So if you are a leader, entrepreneur, activist, artist, or concerned human being who is interested in making a difference through our collective creative efforts, consider joining our network.


IAAC Volunteers

IAAC is growing rapidly and we could use your help! We welcome creative volunteers who want to help our vision continue to expand. No amount of time or areas of skill are too small. 

We are currently seeking Creators with the following skills:

IAAC Vendors

If you are interested in vending your creative products or services at one of our next events, please follow the link below.

Fill out the form and we will send  you our upcoming vending opportunities.