Our Vision

Creativity & Community Reimagined.


I Am A Creator: The Collective -- also known as IAAC or The Collective --  is a network empowering People Of Color (POC) to produce transformational change through creativity.


IAAC champions creativity as key part of self-expression, self-care, personal and professional growth, as well as a force for social change within Communities of Color. The Collective provides products and services -- including creative gatherings, empowerment workshops, and merchandise -- centered around this vital self-affirmation.


By making creativity core to our mission, IAAC 1) connects POC to a creative identity, 2) then forms a community that helps them execute their creative endeavors, and 3) expands their network and audience to other like-minded Creators of diverse backgrounds. Our movement intends to spur a virtuous cycle of creativity where POC feel informed, affirmed, and nurtured to pursue their creative initiatives in ways that positively impact communities.


IAAC serves racial and ethnic minority youth, professionals, and entrepreneurs who identify themselves as empowered leaders, change agents, and creative thinkers.

Specifically, the Collective supports Creators producing in the areas of:

  • Art and Design;
  • Community Development and Action;
  • Faith and Family;
  • Knowledge and Scholarship;
  • Innovation and Technology;
  • Health and Lifestyle;
  • Policy and Law; and
  • Business, Wealth Building and Economic Empowerment.

IAAC is creating this community of like-minded peers to leverage creativity as a way to increase our collective sense of meaning, mastery, and freedom in service of the larger community.