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Creativity & Community Reimagined.


The world has many labels for People of Color.

Creator is rarely one of them. 
We intend to change that.



Reclaiming Creativity 

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Get Better [Innovation]

We believe we can change the face of our communities by transforming our mindsets through innovation and creativity. We empower individuals to reclaim their creativity and build creative confidence.

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Get Closer [Community]

Our Collective is a community that celebrates creativity birthed from People of Color. We connects Creators with like-minded peers to help them pursue their creative goals. 

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Get Stronger [Resilience]

We created spaces where People of Color feel informed, affirmed, and nurtured to pursue their creative initiatives in ways that positively impact their own well-being and others.

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Photo by m-imagephotography/iStock / Getty Images

Get Free [Liberation]

We are a platform for those ready to leverage their creative force and increase their personal sense of meaning, mastery, and freedom. When Creators get free we all get a little more free. 


I Am A Creator

We are a network providing safe spaces for People of Color to explore and share their creative endeavors. 


Meet Our Creators


/Cre·a·tor/ - One who transcends traditions, rules, and norms to create meaning through new ideas and interpretations. A source of imagination. An original. A change maker.

I Am A Creator is a network for multi-cultural Innovators, Policy Makers, Artists, Idealists, Activists, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers in every field.  As a Collective we include the following areas:

  • Art & Design,

  • Community Action,

  • Faith & Family,

  • Health & Lifestyle,

  • Policy & Law,

  • Knowledge & Scholarship,

  • Innovation & Technology,

  • Business, Wealth, & Economic Empowerment.

We provide programs and services directly to our members and the public to fulfill our mission helping People of Color realize their full creative potential. 



I Am A Creator
I am the one that brings into being
Made of the earth, 
And breath,
And light.

I Am A Creator
I am the miner of value in deep suffering
The builder of cultures that span continents
I am the curator of lessons passed down over generations
The fashioner of freedom made from blood, sweat, and flames. 

I am the cultivator of dreams
Hunter of unrealized possibilities
While aligned with the origin - ancestral  
The alchemist
I am both magic and real.

Masked Creator

I Am A Creator