We believe creativity is central to self-expression, self-care, personal and professional growth, and transformation within communities of color. 

I Am A Creator
I am the one that brings into being
Made of the earth, 
And breath,
And light.
I Am A Creator
I am the miner of value in deep suffering
The builder of cultures that span continents
I am the curator of lessons passed down over generations
The fashioner of freedom made from blood, sweat, and flames. 
I am the cultivator of dreams
Hunter of unrealized possibilities
While aligned with the origin - ancestral  
The alchemist
I am both magic and real.

I Am A Creator  presents...

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Creator Gatherings & Networking Events

Join us each month for our in-person events -- salon-style discussions, creator exhibits, and workshops -- for the benefit us Creators and our community.

Come for the good people and stay for the creative inspiration!

December 2017: I Am A Creator Focus Group

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Creators Wanted: #IAmACreator Magazine

The Collective defines "Creators" as those who are producing in:

  • Art & Design,
  • Community Action,
  • Faith & Family,
  • Health & Lifestyle,
  • Policy & Law,
  • Knowledge & Scholarship,
  • Innovation & Technology,
  •  Business, Wealth, & Economic Empowerment. 

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‘I Am A Creator’ is a vehicle built around the belief that everyone is valuable and every creative contribution matters to the ongoing healing within our community.


We are looking for leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, artists, and woke individuals who are interested in making a difference through our collective creative efforts.


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