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I Am A Creator is first and foremost a movement built around the belief that everyone is valuable and every creative contribution matters to the ongoing healing within our community.


We are seeking leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, artists, and woke individuals who are interested in making a difference through our collective creative efforts to join our cause.


Here are a few of the ways you can support our Creators' movement:


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Join us each month for our in-person public events in the Washington, D.C. area as we host salon-style discussions, creator exhibits, and workshops that the benefit us as Creators as well as our wider community.

5. Show Your Creator Pride - Shop the  IAAC Marketplace

Support IAAC by purchasing our latest gear and products. Every item bought on our Marketplace helps build a movement based on this vital self-affirmation. Then feel free to share your creative style on social media; we love to hear from happy customers and shout out fellow Creators!

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Our membership is for individuals and for companies led by People of Color seeking more opportunities to network with innovative, multicultural professionals as well as support when launching their creative efforts. Sign up today!

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After you become a member of our network, consider joining our exclusive IAAC Facebook Community. This is a safe space for our Co-Creators to share and receive feedback on our individual and collective creative efforts. 

8. Share Your Creative Work

Share your work through #IAmACreator Online Magazine. Our members are encouraged to use this space to explore new ideas and collaborations. Learn about our submission criteria here.  Click below or email us at for submissions.